Larry Cavalena
Registered Principal 
********Registered Investment Advisor Representative, RJFS

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 Larry Cavalena is a Raymond James Registered Principal and Registered Investment  Advisor Representative for our office. With over 33 years of experience in financial  management, Larry has committed himself to providing the very highest quality service and  investment advice to his clients. Through his consistent effort and reputation for providing  outstanding service, Larry has built a sizable and growing client base across the United  States and Internationally through referrals from clients and other professionals  who serve them.

 Because of his honesty and openness, clients are able to predict what to expect from him.  He has an innate ability to tailor an investment program to help fit individual client objectives. He  demonstrates a seasoned understanding serving a variety of investors, which includes high-  net-worth individuals, successful professionals, small business owners, corporations and  private foundations.

Larry Cavalena's investment philosophy holds capital preservation and growth of capital as the most important virtues of a successful investment plan. His investment philosophy is more conservative than most. Wealth, according to Mr. Cavalena, must be prudently managed and carefully invested in order to compensate for the effects of taxes, inflation and market risk. Larry is an instrument rated pilot and a past Trustee for the Military Aviation Preservation Society and Museum.

He is a past volunteer pilot and air crewman for the Military Aviation Restoration Corporation.


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